Rheem furnace error code 58

When you are having trouble with your furnace, you should contact the manufacturer of the furnace for help and guidance. In addition to doing this, checking for error code 58 for a faulty gas valve is always a good idea before contacting a professional service company.

Error code 58 is usually an indicator that there may be a burnt-on carbon buildup in the burner’s control valve or other parts.

When a Rheem furnace has the error code 58, it usually means that there is a problem with the burner. A common cause of this error code is a clogged burner grate or an obstruction in a chimney.

This explanation of what the Rheem furnace error code 58 means will help you understand what might be causing your Rheem furnace to fail.

When a part of your Rheem furnace is not working optimally, you may see an error on your furnace’s control panel and also hear something rattling around inside your home during operation.

Rattling during operation can also be caused by water coming in contact with hot coils within the unit

Most people will get Rheem furnace error code 58 when they are trying to start their Rheem furnace. Most people are having trouble with this particular error code because it is causing a lot of inconveniences.

59 cracked my RHEEM FURNACE:


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