Rheem furnace error code 67

Error code 67 is a problem in many Rheem furnaces that seems to occur most often when the furnace has been turned off and then reset.

Error code 67 is created when a correction on the furnace control board sends an error signal back to the control panel. The error can be cleared by unplugging the power cord from the wall, waiting for 5 minutes, then plugging it back in.

Rheem furnace error code 67 is a power-related issue that indicates that the unit’s fan motor is not running. It is an indicator of a problem with the motor, internal thermocouple, or wiring and will occur immediately after a power outage. If you notice this error code then check your furnace’s outdoor unit for proper airflow, as well as check your thermostat/circuit board for wiring issues.

The Rheem furnace error code 67 is caused by a power outage and will result in the temporary shutting down of the heating unit because there’s no idea how to operate the heaters using only what’s left in the system when power returns.

Rheem furnace error code 67 is a common problem that affects some Rheem furnaces, the appliance manufacturer and the installer.

If your Rheem furnace is giving you this error code, it has probably experienced a system malfunction. We recommend waiting to see if the problem worsens over time and contacting your local service technician to fix it.

When this error occurs, owners of the appliances should try resetting the controller or unplugging their unit and plugging it back in to see if problems persist.