Rheem furnace error codes

Here are some of the most common error codes that you will find on your Rheem furnace.

The most common errors include:

1. The Rheem furnace is not getting power – Check for a tripped circuit breaker or fuses.

2. The thermostat is not set properly – Check if it’s set to AUTO or if the heating control needs to be manually adjusted, which can be done at the thermostat itself.

3. There’s an issue with the gas line – If you hear gas hissing, it’s likely inside your home and there could be a leak in your home’s plumbing or gas lines that need to be repaired promptly by a certified contractor.

4. There is something wrong with the air conditioning system

This article includes the error code table for Rheem furnaces.

The error codes are described in detail and the potential reasons for each code are also included.

Rheem furnace error codes are only provided when you have a problem with your Rheem furnace. They are therefore important to understand in order to repair it and prevent any other significant damage.

A single error code will provide an overview of the current fault. In the event that you require more information, you can enter an additional code in order to find out what the problem is and how to fix it.