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AIREASE - EL296XV Series : A96US2V135D20 1
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AIREASE – EL296XV Series : A96US2V135D20

Input Capacity     90000 Btu/hr
Output Capacity     84000 Btu/hr
AFUE Rating     93 %
Configuration     Upflow / Horizontal
Stages     Single-Stage
Motor Type     High-Efficiency Constant Torque Blower
Connection Size     1/2 in
Dimensions     21 in W x 28-1/2 in D x 33 in H
Flow Rate     1600 cfm
Fuse Size     15 A
Ignition Type     Silicon Nitride
Material     Aluminized Steel
Series     A931E
Type     1-Stage
Voltage Rating     120 V
Width     21 in
Input Grouping     80,000-89,999 Btu/hr
Output Grouping     80,000-89,999 Btu/hr


AIREASE – EL296XV Series: A96US2V135D20


  • 93% AFUE efficiency rating – this means 93% of your fuel is converted into usable heat compared to an older furnace; this can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy cost
  • Constant torque motor – like a variable speed furnace, constant torque furnaces provide lower operating costs and increase overall system efficiency.
  • Constant torque delivers more consistent airflow and quieter operation compared to standard PSC motors.
  • Quiet Combustion™ technology – uses a smaller Btu input per burner for quieter start-up and operation while providing more even heat distribution.
  • EHX™ technology – every Armstrong Air® furnace is engineered and built with EHX™ technology, a patented design that eliminates the hot spots that can shorten furnace life
  • EHX™ technology makes heat exchangers more durable and with its advanced airflow system, more air contacts the heat exchanger surface area for greater heat exchange, enhancing efficiency and comfort

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