Tappan furnace error codes

When it comes to troubleshooting, the best solutions are simple. When you’re troubleshooting a problem with your Tappan furnace, the first thing you want to do is check for error codes. An error code is a type of diagnostic that lets you know what kind of issue your furnace is having. Put simply, an error code tells you exactly what’s going on with your furnace and what specific action needs to be taken to fix the problem. These codes don’t appear out of thin air; they have a purpose and serve as a helpful way for engineers to identify issues that need to be addressed. We understand that these details might not be super interesting, but in this blog post, we will go over all the details about Tappan furnace error codes and how you can use them to troubleshoot your system at home!

What Does The Tappan Furnace Error Code Mean?

Just like a computer, a furnace will run into issues and errors from time to time. During these times, you might see a furnace error code appear on the furnace’s digital display or beep code sounds. The error code will tell you exactly what is going on with the furnace. These codes can be found on the furnace’s control panel or on the inside of the furnace itself. You might also see error codes listed in the instruction manual, along with detailed descriptions of what they mean. If you’re curious about the codes and what they mean, all you have to do is look in the owner’s manual and you’ll find out everything that you need to know.

Tappan Furnace Error Codes

We’ve gone over what an error code is and what it means. Now, let’s look into the different error codes that can appear on a Tappan furnace. There are plenty of error codes that can appear on your furnace, but we’ve narrowed them down to the top five that you’re most likely to come across. Error Code 12 – This is a general error code that means there is a problem with the circuitry in your furnace control board. This could be anything from a loose connection to a burnt-out component. Error Code 14 – This error code means that the motor is overheating. This could be caused by a clog in your blower wheel or a faulty fan motor. Error Code 23 – This error code could mean that there is a problem with the gas valve. There could also be an issue with the sensors that are connected to the gas valve. Error Code 25 – This is another code that could be caused by a problem with the gas valve. Error Code 31 – This error code is usually caused by a clog in the blower wheel.


If you’re troubleshooting a problem with your furnace, it’s important to look for the error code. This will help you to narrow down the issue and identify the problem. Once you have the error code, you can use it to look up the solution or call a professional for assistance. Make sure you know what the error code means so you can take the right steps to fix the problem. If you are having issues with your furnace, contact a professional for assistance.