The Armstrong Air Motor

The replacement of the blower motor on an Armstrong furnace is not a difficult task. However, this repair is time-consuming and can be done without removing the heat exchanger or the heat exchanger’s shroud.

This section will provide a step-by-step guide on how to remove and replace a blower motor on an Armstrong furnace. The procedure will be divided into four sections, each with its own set of instructions.

This article provides an overview of the process of replacing a blower motor in the top Armstrong model, this particular model is not stocked by any Armstrong dealers.

The blower motor is typically found on the backside of the furnace and can typically be replaced by anyone with little knowledge or experience with home heating systems.

The Armstrong Air Motor is used to transfer heat from the furnace to the ducting that distributes it into the home. The main function of this blower motor is to move air, so if you notice a decrease in airflow or if it stops working altogether, it may be time for a replacement.

Armstrong furnaces are designed with the help of a blower motor, which automatically moves and circulates air to all areas of your home. If you notice your home doesn’t seem heated enough or that your heating seems intermittent, one possible problem could be with your blower motor.


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