Trane Xb furnace error codes

The error codes on a thermostat of a trane xb furnace can be both frustrating and confusing to read. Sometimes the code may not match the symptoms, or you may have to contact an appliance specialist to get it fixed. But with a little knowledge, it can be easy to identify what the issue might be based on the symbols.

Trane xb furnace error codes are typically expressed as numbers and symbols that indicate certain temperature ranges that correspond to certain operating conditions. For example, if your furnace is running but you are still feeling cold, then you will see an error code symbol for “Low” followed by a number that corresponds with low room temperature.


trane xb furnace error codes are usually indicative of a problem with the air conditioner.

Trane XB furnaces offer a variety of error codes that provide insight into what is going on with the system. These errors can be a sign of a problem or that there needs to be an adjustment in the setup or operation variables.

The most common types of errors are:

A – Fan not running B – Heat exchanger leak C – E2 controller failure D – High-temperature shutdown (HTSD) E- P1 controller failure F- System not responding to commands G- Unit not responding to commands I- Unit shutting down


When your furnace goes on the fritz, these trane xb furnace error codes give you a clue as to what may have caused it.