Trane xr80 furnace error codes

Although the Trane XR80 furnace has a digital interface, there are still error codes that can happen, such as the fan running continuously and cycling off. Here are some of the most common error codes associated with this product.

Trane XR80 Error Codes:

• Overloading the circuit breakers – a tripped breaker trips all of them at one time while an overcurrent trip trips one at a time.

• Communication error – The furnace’s receiver may not be able to connect to your wireless network or you may have entered your wireless password incorrectly.

An error code is an indication of trouble with your furnace. A trane xr80 furnace error code is not always a sign that something is wrong with your furnace. Some errors simply mean that the system needs to be readjusted.

Trane is a company that produces a wide range of heating, refrigeration, and cooling products. These error codes help the technicians and service providers troubleshoot any problem with the furnace.

An error code is usually caused by the furnace pilot not reaching higher than 30% combustion, meaning that one or more openings have become clogged with creosote build-up or they are not getting enough air. Before calling in a technician, it is important to troubleshoot each code.