Trane xr90 furnace error codes

There are numerous codes that the trane xr90 furnace error code can generate. It is important for homeowners to understand these codes and how they work so that they are able to troubleshoot the issue accordingly.

Most of the trane xr90 furnace error codes relate to a problem with the gas valve, combustion chamber or burner assembly. These types of errors require immediate attention for them to be resolved immediately before something serious happens.

Trane XR90 furnace error codes are different from other furnaces because it uses a diagnostic display that provides an explanation for the error codes.

Trane XR90 furnace error codes can be identified by their number and colour. For example, the Display Error Code 9 is red in colour and has a 9 in its code number.

The Error Codes are:

D3: Diagnostic Display Error Code 3 D4: Diagnostic Display Error Code 4 D5: Diagnostic Display Error Code 5 D6: Diagnostic Display Error Code 6 F1: Forced Fan Failure – Red in Color

This article talks about common trane xr90 furnace error codes and their symptoms. In the article, there are also some troubleshooting tips with useful links to help you fix the issue.

Troubleshooting tips:

– Turn off your power at the circuit breaker.

– Reset your heating system by turning off power and waiting 15 minutes before trying to restart it.

– Turn off your furnace, wait 45 minutes and turn it back on.

– If you have a Trane ComfortLink or a Trane Gen 5 system – call customer service or visit the website for assistance in finding out what caused the issue.