Viessmann boiler error 06

The viessmann error 06 is a manufacturer’s tankless water heater. The error is caused by a change in the pump’s pressure, although it can also be due to a change in the temperature. This has been found to have occurred when the user taps or hits the tank with any objects.

Sometimes, this error may not be noticed for weeks, but that does not mean it should not be addressed as soon as possible. If left untreated, it may lead to damage like cracked pipe joints and other leaks around connections. An audible signal also accompanies the error code.

Viessmann boilers have this specific error code 06, which tells the user that the temperature sensor is not functioning correctly.

The reason for this error code is usually a failed sensor or a broken thermistor. However, there are instances where water has flooded the boiler or where condensation has been restricted to the boiler’s base.

This section is about the viessmann boiler error 06.

The error code is found in several Viessmann boilers and can be caused by a problem with the burner.

It’s important to look for this code if your boiler is not working correctly.

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