Viessmann boiler error 37

Providing the correct boiler water temperature can lead to error 37 on the Viessmann boiler. The boiler enters a protective mode due to excessive water temperature and will not turn on. If you suspect that your Viessmann boiler is having an error 37, there are a few steps you can take and some things you should know before calling in a technician.

The following steps should be taken if your Viessmann boiler is having an error 37:

– Check for frozen pipes or blockages in the water line

– Inspect all internal circuits and components of your Viessmann boiler

– Replace any faulty components found

– Check for any contact with combustible materials

– Make sure venting is clear and free of debris or obstructions

Error 37 is a common problem that can be fixed by following the below steps.

Error 37 may result when insufficient water is in the system, or no water is circulating through it.

It could also be a problem with pressure switches and valves or a faulty electronic control board.

To fix Error 37, try to detect where the issue may lie. Check if there is enough water in the boiler tank, check if all of the pipes are flowing correctly and if there are any blockages. You should also check for any leaks or floods in your area and see if you can reduce your boiler’s pressure to solve this problem. If this doesn’t help, you should call an expert for help.

Viessmann boiler error 37 is a problem that can occur in some models of Viessmann boilers. This error affects the control of the water level in the boiler and can be caused by a stuck valve or an incorrectly set pressure switch.

To fix this problem, you need to diagnose its cause first. If it’s a stuck valve, you need to turn it off for 20 seconds and then on again. If it’s an incorrectly set pressure switch, you should ensure it’s set to “heating.”

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