Viessmann boiler error 52

The viessmann boiler error 52 results from a protection fault, which causes the boiler to shut down if the flame does not reach and maintain a minimum temperature.

The most common reasons for this error are:

– Namely some improper operation or failure in the burner where it does not regulate the gas supply properly

– Defective thermocouple sensors, burners, or manifold

– Faulty water level control or leaking feed water pipes

– Buildup of carbon in the fire body.

Error 52 is a built-in safety system designed to ensure the boiler’s temperature does not exceed 250 degrees Celsius.

It is a trade-off between energy consumption and the risk of explosion.

This error seems to be triggered when there is a pressure loss in the water supply pipe or due to air entering the system.

An internal pressure switch inside the boiler detects this and automatically switches off the heating device.

This boiler is very efficient and has many other features like automatic ignition, an integrated hot water tank, and an integrated electricity meter.

Error code 52 is a common error with Viessmann boilers. It usually occurs when water levels are too low.

The most common reason for this error code is that the water level sensor on the boiler is defective and needs to be replaced.

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