Viessmann boiler error 6a

A boiler may show error 6a or the ACGI code if the fire damper is not open. If a boiler has a 6a error, it could be due to a small number of reasons:

-The fire damper is closed

-The water level is too low

-No power to the unit

-Insufficient air supply to the burner

This error displays when the boiler overheats or has a significant leak. It would be wise to contact a company like Viessmann for repair.

Error 6a is a common error that can happen on any boiler due to various reasons. This article lists down the causes of error 6a and methods to fix it.

A lot of factors can cause viessmann boiler error 6a. Some cases are as follows:

1) Burner malfunctioning

2) Water pressure not high enough

3) High or low level of water in the tank

4) Burner nozzle blocked or clogged with dirt, paper, or other debris.

5) Broken or lose wires connected to the burner

6) High water temperature (over 160 degrees Fahrenheit).

Viessmann boilers are a common unit in the heating and hot water industry. The problem with these boilers is that error code 6a can be reported. This can lead to potentially expensive consequences if you cannot diagnose or repair it quickly.

The first thing that you should do to be on the safe side is contact your boiler’s service provider. They will have the necessary knowledge and experience regarding this specific error code. You could try contacting Viessmann directly for assistance if they are unavailable. If you try these two options and still don’t get results, we recommend taking the boiler offline until a professional assessment is made.

Viessmann boiler error 6a is a common error which can be resolved by replacing an obsolete cable.

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