Viessmann boiler error 6C

This is the error that occurs when the boiler does not turn on.

If you happen to notice a few red lights flashing on your control panel and a message pops up saying “Error 6C,” this means that the boiler has not been able to start.

For it to work again, you need to reset your boiler’s settings and sequence numbers. While doing this, ensure you do not forget about a new anode rod or other parts that might be necessary for your home’s water heater system.

Viessmann boilers have a 6C error which can cause the boiler to turn off and not restart. This error is caused when the pressure is too low, or there is a water flow restriction. It is critical to address it quickly, as the boiler will shut down and won’t restart until it’s fixed.

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This error code indicates that the boiler stopped because of a safety system problem.

The boiler has either been switched off or is out of water.

It is advisable to call the customer care number to get help.

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