Viessmann boiler error code 8

Boiler error code 8 is a minor issue that can be resolved by resetting the boiler. You may also need to check the gas supply to ensure that there is enough gas and that the filters are clean.

This is a boiler error code 8, an important warning sign of a viessmann boiler. The message on this fault is that the heating water is too cold.

The problem could be the thermostat or a faulty sensor; if you notice when you turn the boiler on and it doesn’t come on at all or turns off almost immediately, there might be a problem with the internals of the boiler.

This article aims to educate you about the causes, symptoms, and customer service solutions for error code 8.

Error code 8 is a freezing error that occurs when the boiler loses contact with a power source. A tripped breaker could cause the issue or be due to an electrical problem with your boiler equipment. We can resolve this issue by resetting the connection while still on blackouts or replacing your circuit breaker.

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