Viessmann boiler error code 86

Viessmann Boiler Error Code 86 is associated with the boiler’s pressure controller. If this component has a problem, it will generate an Error Code 86 to alert you.

Viessmann Boiler Error Code 86 is a common warning code for Viessmann boilers and typically appears during operation or when the boiler has been shut down. If you see this error code, please contact us or your local heating contractor immediately.

After waiting for the boiler to fill and pressurize the water, the boiler will then emit a series of error codes. Error code 86 is one of those errors and it’s a sign that no heat is available from the boiler. This can be caused by a number of different things, such as an electrical shortage, low gas pressure or running out of heating fluid.

Regardless of what could have caused this error code 86, you need to address it to keep your home safe and warm quickly.

Viessmann boiler error code 86 is caused by a blocked condensate pipe. A blockage can cause this in the condensate line or if the system has been running for some time. If the error code 86 persists, then it might be necessary to clean out the condensate line.

The viessmann boiler error code 86 can be solved by cleaning the condensate pipe.


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