Viessmann boiler error code


It is a sad moment when you have to find out the reason for boiler failure. Finding and repairing boiler errors becomes more difficult all the time. The solutions today often have a hefty price tag.

Viessmann is a German multinational company that produces heating, steam, and cooling technology for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Early this year, their clients reported a boiler error code that resembled “FFFF” at the exhibition “Hoeschbad”.

These error codes have been reported by Viessmann clients since November 2017. According to them, intelligent frost protection mode reactivation occurs in some cases after the activation of automation mode.

There are several cases where boiler heating systems cannot be repaired and need replacement parts. In these cases, you may need to enter the “Intelligent Service” page on the Viessmann website and check for your boiler code in the error code table – which will help you know its exact problem. It is very important to ensure that your boiler is operating with high efficiency and that there are no problems to reduce your home heating bills.

If there is no diagnostic error, it means the machine does not generate fault codes. So, regularly check for clean water for supply lines, overheating, and mix typos before assuming it’s an error code.