Viessmann boiler error E6

Viessmann Boiler Error E6 is the most common boiler error code. It is also known as National Board Code 8.

It has been categorized under the following types of errors.

Type 1: Low or empty pressure tank or insufficient water in boiler reservoir

Type 2: Frozen pipes, inability to pump water

Type 3: Electric power failure

The viessmann boiler error E6 is considered a common error code and can be easily resolved.

A boiler has many sensors that measure the pressure in the steam, water, and other system parts. An error code could occur because of many reasons, such as a clogged fuel line or insufficient water supply. This article will show you what to do if you get this error code from your viessmann boiler.

The error code E6 is one of the most common errors for Viessmann boilers. The error indicates an issue with the boiler’s interlock system.

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