Viessmann boiler error U2

Viessmann boiler error U2 is a problem that many customers have reported. When users using the Viessmann boilers experience this error, they should power down their units and contact the manufacturer for a solution.

If you have had issues with your viessmann boiler error U2, you should contact the company through their online help chat or by phone. If they don’t resolve your issue, reach out to your manufacturer after the warranty expires.

Viessmann boiler error U2 is a common boiler error code in the Viessmann Vitodens 200 VC. This usually happens when a user tries to reprogram their boiler to A-Z (instead of A0-A9) or tries to turn on their unit when there is no heating water.

The Solution:

If you are experiencing this problem, ensure your unit is set up correctly, and you have heating water. You can also try turning off the circuit breaker or contact Viessman customer service for assistance.


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