Viessmann boiler I2 fault code

Viessmann boiler I2 fault code can be in two different cases. Either the boiler is not heating up enough or cooling down too fast.

In the case of the boiler not heating up enough, the water in the tank will start to cool down too fast, leading to a boiler I2 fault code. In this situation, you will need to interrupt power for a few seconds, which should solve the problem.

In case of excessive cooling, there might be an issue with your radiator system. You should check if all your radiators are working properly before looking for other possible faults causing this problem.

The I2 fault code is a common error when the boiler is not heating at the right temperature. The code can also happen because of other reasons.

The most likely cause of this issue is a problem with the water sensors in the boiler. If this issue continues and you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Viessmann specialist for more information and help diagnose the problem.

This article is about what the I2 fault code means and the reasons for it. It also has information on how to identify and solve the problem.

I2 fault code is a problem with the sensor in the boiler. The sensor relies on a feedback circuit that detects pressure changes but can break over time. If you have I2 fault code, then your pressure sensor is broken or disconnected from your boiler.

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