Viessmann boiler vitodens 111 f2 error

A fault usually causes a problem in the power supply. If this is the case, you must unplug it and plug it back in again.

If you have changed a power supply, you will need to re-enter your settings again. The boiler should now be working as intended.

In some cases, it is necessary to reset the boiler panel to “factory settings” (sometimes also called “default settings”). The instructions for doing this can vary depending on the panel type and manufacturer. Below are some common instructions for performing this procedure.

The steps below are for Viessmann boilers with a Vitodens 111 F2, F4 or P1 panel.

– Turn off the power supply switch at the controller’s top. This will ensure you do not damage any delicate electronics when pressing buttons on the control panel. – Press and hold down both buttons for 2 seconds, one labelled “Eco” and one labelled “Reset.” If you have a different type of controller from those above, read your manual or contact your technician to help determine what these buttons are named in your unit. – Release both buttons, so they snap back up into place after 2 seconds have elapsed and

One possible cause of the error code may be that the water is too hot for the boiler. To fix this issue, try to turn off your heating and wait 20 minutes before turning it back on again.

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