Viessmann error code ff

The viessmann error code ff, which stands for “Fault in the Fuse,” is a fault code that appears on the instrument panel. It usually stems from a faulty fuse that has been replaced.

The viessmann error code ff occurs in luxury vehicles where the fuse-breaking current is too high or it is impossible to disconnect and replace the defective fuse. In these cases, you must notify your local authorized viessmann dealer.

The viessmann error code ff is a message that appears on the screen of a Viessmann boiler. It must be fixed quickly to avoid a serious problem or even fire.

The Viessmann error code ff indicates that the unit is not in the right state. If it is allowed, gas could be released, causing an explosion.

At this point, you will most likely have to call your local service center and ask for an immediate repair.

When a viessmann error code ff is received, we must contact a service engineer. The error code FF refers to the fault detection system of your boiler or heater.

If you’re experiencing an error code FF, there are three things you should check:

– Is the heat on?

– Is the switch for heating turned on?

– Has your boiler been switched off by pressing and holding the Off button?

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