water furnace error e7 condensate

When a water furnace senses the condensate levels, it will respond accordingly. There are six possible error codes that are assigned to this code, but the most common one is e7.

This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed quickly.

If you can’t fix this issue, you will have to replace your water heater or call for professional assistance.

When you see this error code on your furnace’s display, it is a good idea to contact an HVAC contractor or service company immediately so they can address the problem and help provide proper venting and other necessary repairs.

The error code E7 is usually caused by the furnace being unable to vaporize vaporized water from the boiler, causing a system pressure drop.

The problem here is that a water-filled boiler is not needed when you have an air-conditioner or central heating system. Check the fuel usage and make sure that the installation of your boiler and building codes are up to date.

The number of complaints received by the BBB of water furnace error e7 condensate has increased significantly.

High-pressure steam systems that consumers use to cook, wash dishes and do laundry are often connected to home water heaters that are also used for heating water.

It seems as though the only way to stop these errors is through a repair of the home’s water heater but it might not be an option for a lot of people.