Water furnace thermostat error codes

Sometimes, water furnace thermostat error codes are caused by human error. If it happens that a user screws up the settings on their water furnace, they may end up creating an error code that does not correspond to their issue.
The other reason for a water furnace thermostat to generate an error code is because of the system itself. When there is an issue with your HVAC system, it can set off temperature alarm codes that result in a corresponding message on your water furnace.
When choosing a new HVAC system or hiring professional installers, make sure that you find out what standard systems come with and what options are available for your specific needs as well as how much they cost.

In this example, there are three different error codes related to a water furnace thermostat.
Error code FHN-01: user response time exceeded
Error code FHN-02: machine could not be read by the PC
Error code FHN-03: communication problem with the PC

A common water furnace thermostat error code is a 9 or 10. It means that the furnace is not able to adjust the temperature of the hot water properly or it is unplugged.
Mechanical failure of a water heater is possible as well, leading to a no start condition on the water heater. There are other reasons why your furnace might be malfunctioning which may lead to an error code from your furnace and these codes should be reported immediately to your local service provider.


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