Where is the flame sensor on a Heil furnace

The flame sensor controls the temperature of the fire inside a heil furnace. There are two types of these sensors – high-limit and low-limit. When high-limit sensors are installed, they can detect the flames more easily, but low-limit sensors are best for areas with a lot of combustible gas.

Heil furnaces vary in size, so it’s important to know where the flame sensor is located on each model. Some models have a large black button that also displays where this is located, while others use an LED light display which changes colour when you reach your goal temperature.

Some models also have a system that will automatically shut off if they detect flames or if there is too much heat – preventing damage to surrounding areas or people.

A flame sensor is a sensor on a furnace that measures the temperature of the combustion chamber. When it senses the flame or heated gas, it prevents any explosions or fires.

Most furnaces have a sensor that detects when the combustion chamber temperature reaches certain levels. When this happens, an alarm sounds to stop all activities in the furnace and prevent potential damage to people and property.

If you are looking for this particular component on a Heil furnace, you will have to remove one of the panels on its face. There is a black panel that comes out of this face.