Whirlpool furnace error codes

When a problem occurs with the furnace, it usually displays an error code that is not very descriptive. The table below provides the most important error codes for your whirlpool furnace.

Whirlpool furnaces usually generate error codes when they operate abnormally. They are generally located near the control panel of the furnace. This article will provide you with a list of error codes that you may encounter while using your whirlpool furnace so that you can troubleshoot them and fix the problem.

Whirlpool furnaces typically generate error codes when they are operating abnormally. The code is generally found close to the control panel of the furnace and it can often be worrying when trying to diagnose a problem at home. This article will provide you with a list of different types of Whirlpool furnace error codes so that if something goes wrong, you can troubleshoot it and get your whirlpool back up and running in no time.

Whirlpool furnaces usually require a manual reset by turning off the power and pulling the circuit breaker. There is no need for this with an automatic reset that comes with an error code reader. With this reader, you can get to the root of what caused the error and reset it.

The error codes in these whirlpool furnaces are not just numbers, but they also have explanations to them so that you can know what went wrong in the system. For example, if there is an E2 error code, it means that something built up too much heat in your furnace and created sparks which then caused damage to your furnace’s electrical circuits.