Winchester furnace error codes

Winchester furnace codes are a series of numbers that show the error status of the main system. These codes appear on the display screen when the main system is running. If a code is received, it is up to the user to figure out what happened.

The following Winchester furnace error codes and step-by-step troubleshooting procedures will help you resolve problems with your furnace.

The Winchester furnace error codes are a list of codes used by the Winchester Model 150 furnace.

The numbers are read by a resistor across a spark gap, and the voltage is used to provide an indication of the nature of the fault. For example, if the circuit breaker trips in response to an overcurrent condition, it triggers a code indicating “overcurrent.”

Some commonly seen codes are:

1-Overheat/Start-up fault 2-Excessive heat 3-Vacuum leak 4-Defective gas valve 5-Defective motor 6-Defective thermocouple 7-Defective limit switch 8 – Burned or melted temperature sensor 9 – Defective contactor 10 – Defective power relay 11 – Faulted circuit breaker 12 – Faulted transformer 13 – Open flame detector

Winchester furnace is a type of heating system that uses forced air convection to generate heat. With the help of these codes, you can figure out what’s wrong with your furnace and find the solution.

If your code indicates that something needs to be replaced, then you should call a repairman. Your error code might indicate a problem with your thermostat or any other component of the Winchester furnace.