Worcester boiler error code 855

This page will diagnose the Worcester gas boiler error code 855 and provides possible remedies available to the user.

Worcester boiler error code 855 is a diagnostic code. It means that the burner or flame sensor on the water heater was not detected during the pre-fire test.

Worcester boiler error code 855 is not always a reason for panic. Worcester boiler error code 855 can be caused by a number of different things. It could be due to incomplete combustion, dirty burner parts, or insufficient air supply to the burners.

Worcester boiler error code 855 is a diagnostic error code that indicates that there has been an external fault in the control valve or the feedback loop.

The Worcester boiler error code 855 occurs when the control valve has caused a fault or the feedback loop to the controller. If you have Worcester boiler error code 855, it’s likely that your boiler has experienced some form of adverse condition.

Worcester heater error codes are used to detect problems with various components of your heating system. The most common Worcester Boiler Error Codes include: 845, 847, 850, 902 and 903

With the error code 855, you’ll notice that your boiler will not power up and all lights on the display will be off. You’ll also notice that there are no outputs as if your boiler has no power supply. Basically what happens is that, when an input value rises above or falls below a pre-set value, it will interfere with another input and send a looped message to the PLC which causes the unit to shut down, even though there may be other inputs that have not yet been activated or have been deactivated and they are not causing any errors or problems with the function of your boiler.

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