Worcester boiler error code h09

The Worcester boiler error code h09 is a type of Abnormality Report with the given description.

Sometimes, even the most recently installed Worcester air systems break down. Now you should never lose hope, instead use the search function below to get information on your Worcester boiler or other Worcester unit.

No error identification request for this code.

It is a common boiler code most homeowners run into at some point. In most cases, there’s no good news for the homeowner but thanks to Worcester’s help, it wasn’t necessary to replace your Worcester boiler.

For those problems that require larger pieces of equipment – it takes a crack team of specialists from day one

The team at Worcester sort out the problem quickly or give up skipping the return on investment for them and let you get back in action as soon as possible.

What type of error code is given when a Worcester boiler is out of order?

Worcester boiler error code H09 indicates that the gas safety device fitted in the boiler has failed. This often happens when the fuel pressure fluctuates.