Worcester boiler error code u4

The arco smart thermostat has a Worcester boiler error code u4.

Worcester boiler error code u4 means there is a problem with the Worcester boiler computer or electrical wiring breaker or something related to this system.

The Worcester board’s error code, U4, represents a serious problem with the Worcester Board and must be corrected immediately. If the blower cannot operate beyond an RPM of 11, it may cause the room to become overheated and unsafe. The board’s heater blowers often stop starting at an RPM of 10.

U4 error is a probable cause for improperly achieving the maximum desired room temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit with all required water burner units operational. Common symptoms include taps on hot water hotter than pre-set temperature and tap flows slower than 20 GPM/hr

There are codes or something similar shown on the display. These symbols help determine what the boiler is doing and whether it needs immediate attention from a Worcester boiler expert.

Worcester provides troubleshooting codes for its boilers, referred to as U4 codes.