Worcester boiler ignition error

The Worcester boiler machine is one of the most common machines in buildings and is used to use heat and hot water.

Tensions were high, discussions were going on all over social media platforms, and it was a difficult time for those who relied on reliable boiler services.

Worcester signal boiler which is used for the production of steam and heating purposes has a safety control system that fires two gas burners if the electric heating controllers fail. The aforementioned system gets its most desired function correctly by triggering these gas burners into firing mode.

But sometimes this function fails to fire following an electric failure during peak demand as the controller switch position remains open after stopping the power supply. In such cases, this role is taken by a high pressure controlled draft inducer blower via inducing very high draft in lower flue annular up to the higher flue opening thereby causing abnormal combustion & obtaining plan holed airflow with new greater capacity.

Worcester boiler ignition error is when the thermostat errs and ignites the burner in an unburned position. There are a few causes that lead to this condition, but the solution mostly depends on why this situation happened

This article takes you through everything you need to know about Worcester boiler ignition errors. Find out how to diagnose what’s causing and avoid it in the future.