Worcester boiler u9 error fault

U9 error fault refers to trouble starting on a Worcester boiler. The CH series, gas and oil water tube boilers units have a U9 screw in the middle of the steam drum shaft in place of a standard U8.

This necessitates that heating engineers would need to trace where the fault is and then turn off the main circuit.

The Worcester boiler models had their u9 error fault. These complaints were received worldwide, but what made the panic are they are associated with the company’s other variants of boilers ever being sold.

Worcester has diagnosed that it is a manufacturing flaw as a result of not adhering to the assembly job codes on parts during manufacturing

An error was generated when searching for a part on the Worcester boiler range, so unknown service code U9-17 is not recognized.

A Worcester boiler u9 error happened when there was a critical fault with the Worcester boiler range. It is alarming that such errors were not being seen before this. The reliability levels are under major scrutiny now and all brands of furnaces are currently being inspected by the manufacturers in order to guarantee that they are up to date with current rules and standards set by Worcestershire..