Worcester Bosch boiler c6 error


What is the boiler c6 error code and how can you fix it?

Worcester Bosch boiler c6 error happens when the eco inducer issues a warning or is at the safety switching stage. You would have to set the switch again if not you will have an indication of something is wrong with your burner.

Espresso systems are the OEM manufacturer of this boiler and they have been constantly updating their products to fix these errors. There are installed heat valves with a longer life expectancy than the original equipment burner valves which should further eliminate this problem. This could help save you money in the long run.

A specific error on the Worcester bosch boiler c6 often called “error codes 002c4” when reading back information about the boiler is “The chip that delivers burner lighting does not function. The error code 002c4 is triggered if an attempt to power electronics through the power programming is made.”

In today’s world, a machine like a boiler has nearly 50000 possible signals. Because of this, any small change in the signal will trigger the corresponding light output if it wasn’t compatible with the system.

Worcester Bosch Alligniti helps fix problems by analyzing these signals and matching them with other systems.