Worcester Bosch boiler error 229

This section is about the solution to the Worcester bosch boiler error 229.

The error code 229 stands for either low water level or high pressure. Depending on the location of your boiler, these two problems may be different.

A low water level could mean insufficient water in the tank to create enough heat and power for your home. This can be easily fixed by checking to see if a kink in your water hose might have been restricting the flow of water, turning on a hot tap or adding more cold water to your tank. You can also check leaks in your pipes by lifting carpeting and looking under sinks.

Worcester Bosch is a company that tries to help people with their home needs. They produce boilers and other heating-related products.

The company has an error code that many users have observed. It is 229 and usually appears when the user tries to change the boiler settings or when it comes on but doesn’t work.

When this error code appears, there’s something wrong with one of the safety systems in your unit. You should call a plumber as soon as possible because it can cause problems if ignored for too long.

When I turned the boiler on, the set-point on the radiators didn’t adjust automatically.

I had to change the heat setting manually for each radiator. This is because my Worcester Bosch combi boiler has a built-in temperature sensor but could not accurately read the ambient room temperature.