Worcester bosch boiler error 229

Worcester Bosch 2J1923-4358 error 229 or 229 is a common trouble code for the compressor water thermostat of a Worcester Bosch boiler. Additionally, if integrated with a ZPF3 boiler, it is likely to indicate an error with control wiring.

A number of service technicians have experienced failure to restart heating due to this problem. The water thermostat will burn out and thus the pump stops as well and trigger a safety limit relay. Once heated, an independent safety bypass valve will also be forced open.

Note: If your Worcester Bosch boiler has been shut down due to this problem because the limit relay had remained open, then you will need to replace your whole heating system as it needs a new main pressure switch assembly and zero back valve

The always-presence of a boiler failure and the serious repercussions that can arise from it acted as a dark cloud over my summer break.

The good news was that Worcester Bosch offered a service team to fix it with a similar degree of urgency, in spite of nationwide workweeks (when I was asleep anyway) and university deadlines threatening to derail my dissertation project.

A frequent boiler breakdown prompts irate residential tenants to cease doing business with the building unnecessarily – and can cripple not only tradesman’s trust with landlords but also the ability of universities to maintain their rankings since institutions lag behind on crucial deadlines because of these incidents.

There are boiler errors of 229 types in the Worcester Bosch Boiler

Luckily, there are a few tips we ought to keep in mind, to prevent this scenario.

If your heating system is still functioning properly and is happy, turn it off. Of course, hot water circulation is also not good for it. Power down for at least fifteen minutes and then power back up