Worcester Bosch boiler error code 227

Worcester Bosch Boiler Error Code 227 means that a trapped object or foreign body has reached the lower heating chamber which restricts the smooth, continuous flow of heated gases which leads to a hot surface, boilover, and flooding.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Error Code 227 does not occur very often but can lead to damage to systems in your Worcester Bosch boiler.

As you have unstuck your Worcester Bosch boiler, you might encounter a red error code indicating that it’s unable to turn back on.

This boiler error code is what the Worcester Bosch Standby Gas Boiler won’t let you do: Limit access to the standby grid. Although it can give you updated information on gas flows, how much gas and how expensive it will cost to run your boiler in three-hour intervals over a 24-hour period.

Worcester Bosch Boilers are designed for dependable performance with smart intelligence that anticipates problems before they happen. This monitoring capability is an important function of Worcester Bosch Standby Gas Boilers on UPEC Standby Tanks; however there is also an additional monitoring system called a Worcester Sounder, which will indicate when your thermal storage tank needs topping up. If this happens, you should call customer service immediately to top up your tank.