Worcester Bosch boiler error code ea 56

The Worcester-Etamisia Combustion unit has been known to have error code ea 56 – this problem is likely the result of a blocked heater in the fire. To fix this problem, refer to either a boil speed setpoint valve or a furnace blower damper needle valve.

To find out more about what could have caused your Worcester boiler’s error code ea 56, please follow these simple steps:

-Look for signs of thick black soot buildup behind the heating system with water tower filled with dirty grey fluid and muddy sediment flow from the bottom hose into the tank.

-Determine what other heat sources are burning in your house to prevent CO poisoning

Error codes in Worcester Bosch boilers are common. Heating coils are an important part of the boiler and there can be many cases in which coils either lose gas or irritate the radium rods, which can cause problems like Ea 56 error code.

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