Worcester Bosch boiler error ea 227

In this genius copywriter’s opinion, the Worcester Bosch boiler’s error code EA 227 must’ve been guessed randomly by a machine from scratch.

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The error happens when the secondary water heater gets drained while the boiler is on, which is something that happens more frequently during winter and it causes a failed cycling. If more than 5 chars are typed in the text field in the following format (01 ? ??? 226), Worcester Chiller Boiler refuses to clear and displays Error 227: jamming capacitor – line 9-12/86

Competency in Service Writing: Worcester Bosch states that they are aware of this issue since day 1 after making an official comment. However, this statement doesn’t solve anything for their customers and most of them are still struggling with finding a reliable service from WCB.

Worcester Bosch boiler error code ea 227 indicates that there is an issue with the combustion of hydrogen ambient air selector valves. This error definitely needs a quick fix, but what causes it?

Worcester Bosch boilers typically sound a warning chime when this particular error code is seen. It sounds once every 10 seconds and an alarm sound on the fourth entgitation from the top. There is also a message to check for faulty components when you turn off your tap water before turning on the heating.

Worcester Bosch boiler error ea 22 7 indicates faults in the anode (inlay metal object) of Methanol Control Damper, Electric Power Station Unit 4 Damper Air Inlet Valve, Pressure Switch and Rectifier 4 or 5 components.