Worcester Bosch boiler error messages

Worcester Bosch is a German manufacturer of heating, ventilation, and hot water appliances. Recently, their UK client has raised lots of errors with the model of Worcester boiler which are given below:

“Worcester Bosch SecuFSE model X3 Error getting current status. Test run Error 0xE125014.”

This error made them worried because they could not understand what is wrong with the system. This example shows that you can make conversation with a Worcester Bosch system and understand the problems associated with it.

Some boiler error messages can be infuriating if not completely explained. In this blog post, I will try to explain the Worcester Bosch 180DL1 error message.

I had a professional boiler engineer do some troubleshooting with the error and was able to figure out what caused it. Here is the solution for your peace of mind.

Worcester boiler is an engineering platform with some built-in tools to troubleshoot boiler issues and help with repairs, especially for users who are not well-versed in them.

A Worcester boil error message may be either an express or a non-error message. An express warning indicates that something has gone wrong, for instance, gas pressure below 15 psi. A non-error message is an information letter that tells the reader about anything new related to their boiler.