Worcester Bosch combi boiler error symbols

An error could be a mechanical safety or an electrical one such as EE Single Blocked Flow Temperature Sensor or EAN-1 10A2 9D.

Error symbols are new for the Worcester Bosch Combi boiler models and some similar ones over recent years. As you might expect, they are a combination of two fixed text messages, in which each letter is capitalized. They can be found on the heater panel towards the back of the boiler, close to the furnace.

In order to help the Worcester Bosch Combi boiler owners to check the error codes and easily identify the problems, we bring this alphabet of error symbols.

Note that we take care of updating these symbols as soon as new changes are released or faults are discovered. Simply let us know if you would like us to keep submitting updates thus you can always get access to the newest versions.

Whenever the Worcester Bosch combi boiler encounters a problem that it cannot fix itself, it displays an error symbol on the control panel’s LCD display. There are nine different symbols that signify problems ranging from internal filter clogging to problems with levels, ignitors or wiring.

The Worcester Bosch service manual covers these error symbols, but there are many people who would like explanations for individual error codes, too. An amateur just can’t memorize all of those symbol names and codes, quite rightly presuming they will change in time as they introduce newer models. They would like to understand what the root cause of the breakdown might be.

Some of the reasons this happens are operator error while others occur due to sensor imbalance products such as steam detectors;