York diamond 80 furnace error codes

Common York diamond 80 furnace error codes include:

1. Power outage

2. Overheating

3. Low oil level

4. Faulty burner

5. Motor problem

6. Carbon monoxide leak

7. Loss of combustion air

8. Overloaded air filter system

9. Fins too small for flame spreader or wrong fin position for gas control valve

10. Burner-motor control failure or variation in speed

York diamond 80 has a variety of error codes for the furnace that it can give you during the inspection. The codes are usually cryptic; if you don’t know how to fix them, you might have to call an engineer.

York Diamond 80 Furnace Error Codes:

01 – Gas Flow Out Of Range

02 – Burner Cap Ring Sticking

03 – Burner Cap Seal Jammed

04 – Air In Liquid System

09 – Main Burner Circuit Breaker Pop

10- Other Circuits Overload

The York Diamond 80 Fireplace and Heating Repair App is a great tool for not only techs but also homeowners who need to troubleshoot their furnace or fireplace. This app provides easy access to all of the York Diamond 80 furnace error codes and provides instructional videos on how to fix any fire-related issues.

Users can also create a repair plan by entering their heating system types and ensuring they have proper tools in their arsenal before entering the basement.

York diamond 80 furnace error codes are used to identify the problem that may be occurring with your furnace. York diamond 80 furnace error codes can be broken down into four categories:

A) Residual Heat Problem

B) Furnace out of Control

C) Intermittent Furnace Problem

D) General Problem

York diamond 80 furnace error codes are the common codes used on the York diamond 80 furnaces. These codes are usually found in place of temperature and pressure.

York Diamond 80 Furnace Error Codes

xxx1 – Temp Sensor Fault

xxx2 – Humidity Sensor Fault

xxx3 – Mode and Limit Valve Fault

xxx5 – Pressure Sensor Fault

x04A – Cooling Water Temperature Sensor Fault

x04B- Cooling Water Flow Rate Sensor Fault

York diamond 80 furnace error codes allow customers to learn more about their furnace. It is important to identify the codes quickly when there is a problem with the furnace.

York diamond 80 furnaces are designed for superior performance and can run efficiently on high emissions levels. When malfunctions occur, it is helpful that customers know what code has caused the problem.