York diamond 80 furnace error codes

The York Diamond 80 furnace error codes are not difficult to identify, but the information is specific to the type of furnace.

Codes that start with a letter denote a problem with the burner assembly. Codes that start with an “E” are errors associated with the electronics control board, and codes that start with an “F” are related to gas valve failure.

A blinking control panel is one of the most common problems with gas furnaces. It typically indicates an error is present, and the furnace can’t be used.

In this section, we will learn about the different York Diamond 80 error codes and how to troubleshoot them.

Different York Diamond 80 Error Codes Explanation:

Error Code 60 – The furnace isn’t on

Error Code 62 – The blower fan has failed to start on a call for heat (A1 or A2) or cool (C1 or C2). This is typically caused by a broken cable, faulty relay, dirty/clogged filter, defective motor, defective sensor, defective thermostat contactor switch or dirty/defective thermistor.

York diamond 80 furnace error codes are the most common problem you would face with your York Diamond 80 furnace.

Check out this guide to clear your doubts and ensure the problem doesn’t come back in the future.