York diamond 90 furnace error codes

York Diamond 90 Furnace Error Codes are shown by the York Diamond 90 Furnace when there is an issue with the furnace. There are some issues that can be seen in the error code and its meanings.

York Diamond 90 uses a unique error code system in order to identify what is wrong with the furnace, and give it an easy-to-read message. The system has been established after five years of research and testing.

Furnace Error Code:

If you see this message on your screen, it means that there may be a problem with the unit’s electronics. This could potentially be due to a power surge or other power-related issues.

York Diamond 90 Furnace errors are one of the most common problems that York furnace owners face. The most common problem is the thermostat error code. To troubleshoot these errors, you need to reset the furnace’s thermostat before contacting your York dealer for assistance.

Error Code

1: Natural Gas Error

2: Thermostat Error

3: Pilot Lamp Error

4: Heating Coil Resistance (HCR) Error

5: Coolant Temp Sensor & Limit Sensor (CTL & LTC) Errors