York furnace error code 8

York furnace error code 8 is a common problem that causes a lot of confusion and frustration. What exactly is the problem?

York furnace error code 8 is an indicator that the unit has reached its programmed thermal cut-off limit and will shut down to avoid damage to itself or the house.

An error code 8 indicates that there is a problem with the YRKF3 Series York Furnace. This could be a sensor issue, high oil temperature, or lack of airflow in the fan motor

A York furnace error code 8 could be a sign that there is a problem with the furnace. It could mean that the blower motor has failed, the gas valve is stuck, or the circuit breaker is tripped. If this code appears on your furnace, call York customer care

York furnaces have five codes associated with them: 4-20-0-8. Here’s what they could indicate:

Furnace Error Code 4 – Problem with electrical wiring in primary circuit board

Furnace Error Code 20 – Defective ignitor coil or defective ignitor wire

Furnace Error Code 8 – Circuit breaker tripped

York furnaces were designed to run for a long time and provide plenty of heat for their homeowners. However, there are times when the furnace runs into errors like the error code 8.