York furnace error code 8

York furnaces display a series of error codes when entering your furnace’s control panel. If unsure which code is yours, the error code 8 may be displayed.

This furnace has an error code 8; you should check the manual to find the problem.

If the manual doesn’t have any information on 8, contact a York furnace technician to get help with this problem.

We have been experiencing issues with our york furnace for quite some time. It’s tough to find the source of the problem, and we are having difficulty managing it.

According to Energy Star, 8 is an error code that could mean your furnace has an issue with its igniter. If you would like to avoid this issue by replacing your furnace, let me know, and I can advise you on finding one that fits your needs.

York furnace error 8 means that there could be an issue with the main gas valve and gas safety valve. Other possible reasons for this error code include the burner control unit, power supply module, or primary air filter.