York furnace fault code 6

We all know that ovens need to be cleaned regularly, but it’s probably not something you do every day. For this, we would typically recommend hiring a professional cleaning company to do the job for you. However, there are times when you can clean your oven by yourself.

You should never use any acidic or abrasive substances because these will break down the surfaces in your oven over time and make them lose their shine. You should also never use any type of metal scouring pads because these will scratch the surface of your oven and cause damage to its coating.

The York furnace fault code 6 is a power-on error that indicates the controller does not receive power.

A furnace that is either not heating or cooling may result from an electronic malfunction. The first step in solving the problem would be to check for any error codes on your furnace panel. If there are any, you will need to use those to identify the specific problem and devise a solution.

Error code 6 is typically caused by a sensor is out of alignment or a shorted wire in the sensor circuit. This error code will also cause intermittent overheating, which can damage your furnace over time.