York furnace flash error code 8 times

In today’s world, York furnaces are one of the reliable sources of heating. If you find that your furnace is displaying a code 8 error, it means that your furnace has been disabled and is not reachable anymore.

Most of the time, this error code 8 indicates some issue with heating or cooling in your home. This could be because of a loss in power because there was an incorrect filter installation, or even an external pressure was exerted on the furnace during operation.

Therefore, it is important to consult a professional if you want to know more about this error code.

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York furnace error code 8 times is an error message that appears when you turn off your air conditioner by mistake. The following steps will help you fix it!

-Turn off your air conditioner using the normal wall switch or remote control. This will stop the AC from continuing to cycle on and off, resulting in the 8-times display count for this error code.

-If you continue to see this error code after trying these steps, please contact us at 604 704 0300

This error code is associated with a problem in the air supply system.

York furnace flash error code 8 times is caused when a problem in the air supply system occurs. Dirty filters could cause this error code, poor ventilation, damaged or blocked airflow sensors, or a malfunctioning blower motor.