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ROMA Heating and Air Conditioning has been proudly providing heating service in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland since 1999.

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Repair for York furnaces and air conditioners

For Trane furnaces and air conditioners, ROMA HVAC Service and Installation offers installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our specialists have a lot of expertise working with various brands and pieces of machinery. York Corp. has granted ROMA HVAC complete licence and certification. Call us now!

York Furnace & AC Repair Company with Certification

You should call the professionals to repair your York furnace if you suspect a problem. When your furnace breaks out, especially in the winter, it may be extremely heartbreaking. You should contact York furnace specialists like ROMA HVAC when this occurs.

We have a solid track record of offering professional HVAC services and are licenced by York furnace repair service. If you require quick repair for your York furnace because you can’t bear the cold of the night, ROMA HVAC is here to help. We will offer you individualised attention and correctly fix your heating system the first time.

Repair of York Furnaces

Did you look for York furnace repair in my area? You can rely on ROMA HVAC to quickly fix your heating system.

If the outside temperature is very low, it can be more significant than just a nuisance when your furnace stops functioning properly. Like other household appliances, furnaces can malfunction at any time. Finding a qualified repair agency in your area that can inspect the appliance and recommend the best line of action is essential for this reason.

In Toronto and the GTA, ROMA HVAC provides the top York furnace repair service. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are having problems with your York furnace. To ensure that your heating system is fixed properly and is operating as efficiently as possible, we will use our knowledge.

putting in a York furnace

At ROMA HVAC, we provide affordable York furnace installation services. Your houses’ comfort levels may be affected by an excellent HVAC system.

The York furnace installation process is broken down into the following steps.

Step 1: Select the Best Contractor

Find a skilled and reliable contractor before everything else. Make sure the contractor has the knowledge and resources necessary to determine the type and size of HVAC system that is ideal for your house. When it comes to installing York furnaces, ROMA HVAC has a wealth of knowledge and a stellar reputation.

Step 2: Select the Proper Unit

When selecting the ideal appliance for your house, take into account variables including noise levels, features, and warranties. Ask the contractor for solutions that create noise levels under 60 decibels if the noise level is your main concern (dB). Find out whether there are any warranties available for the machine you intend to use. Your device is protected for a very long time by warranties.

Step 3: Finish Up Your System with Added Features

Inquire about the choices required to complete the furnace system. Your HVAC system’s efficiency can be significantly improved by system additions.

Also, keep in mind that the thermostat is a crucial part of the furnace installation process.

Step 4: Regularly perform maintenance

Establish a schedule for frequent HVAC system maintenance. Prior to the emergence of larger problems, it is helpful to recognise smaller ones. You can also discover how your HVAC system functions.

Looking for assistance with the installation process and optimal methods? Call on ROMA HVAC’s professionals for assistance.

Repair and installation of York air conditioners

You require prompt York air conditioner repair if your unit ceased functioning. Especially in the summer, air conditioners are designed to keep our homes and workplaces comfortable. However, they occasionally have a chance of failing.

For outstanding York air conditioner repair in both residential and commercial settings, turn to ROMA HVAC. We work hard to make sure that clients always receive the widest selection of comfort solutions for their houses.

Whether you require York air conditioner installation or maintenance, ROMA HVAC aims to deliver unmatched service. Our York air conditioner installers promise to go above and beyond your expectations and have years of experience with various York systems.

ROMA HVAC is fully committed to providing exceptional customer service and may schedule appointments with you the same day you contact us. The first step in the process is to evaluate your system to find its flaws and damage. Following the examination, your budget will be taken into consideration as you discuss potential options to solving your situation.

ROMA HVAC is only a phone call away if you need a York air conditioner installed or just replaced. Don’t let your air conditioning issues persist. Call ROMA HVAC for professional assistance, and we’ll give you the best advice possible. In Toronto and the GTA, we offer the best AC installation and maintenance.

Most prevalent York furnace issues

Here are some of the most typical York furnace issues you could run across.

The York furnace won’t light
Your York furnace may not be lighting for a number of reasons. A few of them are the following: the ignitor has to be replaced, the draught motor is broken, the gas is shut off, or the gas control valve needs to be replaced.

The York furnace is producing frigid air
Is the air coming from your York furnace cold? If so, the ignitor may be failing, the gas may be shut off, the gas control may not be opening, or the draught motor may not be working.

York furnace has a leak.
A clogged drain line or drain pan could be the reason why the York furnace is dripping water.

York furnace won’t turn on
The improper kind of filter is used, the filter is unclean or put backward, and leaking air ducts are some potential causes of the York furnace failing to heat up sufficiently.

Flashing York furnace codes
The York furnace occasionally flashes codes, indicating an issue that needs to be rectified. It can be because its air system is constrained or just requires cleaning.

York furnace is constantly turning off
Another frequent issue is a York furnace that constantly turning off. A number of problems, like a broken thermostat, a malfunctioning flame sensor, or a dirty furnace filter, could be to blame for this.

Steps for Troubleshooting a York Furnace
When you encounter one of the aforementioned York furnace problems, you can try various furnace troubleshooting tactics to prevent a repair or replacement.

Verify the thermostat.
Do not forget to check the thermostat switch to see if it is heating or cooling.

Additionally, make sure the thermostat’s battery is still good and replace it if necessary.

Verify the filter.
There may be issues if the air filter is unclean. It reduces the system’s effectiveness and obstructs airflow, which might cause an abrupt collapse. Your HVAC system’s filter can be changed with relative ease. It is also essential if you want to keep your furnace operating at peak efficiency.

Examine the switches.
Before doing anything else, make sure the furnace’s breaker is in place. A simple tripped breaker or blown fuse is the most frequent cause of this issue.

Examine the vents.
Closing the furnace’s ductwork in empty rooms is a terrible practise. It may result in a situation requiring the assistance of a qualified technician. Closed vents increase the pressure inside the duct system, which could make it work harder than usual.

If you have tried the troubleshooting advice we gave you and are still having issues, call ROMA HVAC right away for assistance. We will send you the specialists you need to repair your York furnace.

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We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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    professional and efficient. They replaced my furnace, made everything and everywhere very clean and neat

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